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2021/2022 School Calendar

July 27, Tuesday

July 28, Wednesday

August 9-13

August 13, Friday

August 18, Wednesday

September 6, Monday

October 4, 5

October 15, Friday

October 18-22

October 24

October 26, Tuesday

October 28 & 29

November 11, Thursday

November 16, Tuesday

November 19, Friday

November 22-26

December 7, Tuesday

December 9, Thursday

December 15 & 16

December 17 – January 3

January 3

January 4, Tuesday

January 17, Monday

January 25, Tuesday

February 1-18

February 10 & 11

February 15, Tuesday

February 21, Monday

February 22, Tuesday

March 8, 9

March 11 Friday

March 14-18

March 29, Tuesday

April 3

April 11-14

April 13 & 14

April 15, Friday

April 26, Tuesday

May 3, Tuesday

May 12 & 13

May 20, Friday



Registration & Orientation New Families, 3:00-5:30pm

Registration for Returning Families, 3:30-5:30pm

Staff Work Week

Sneak Peek 8:30-10:30am ~ “Come and Go”

First Day of School

NO SCHOOL ~ Labor Day Holiday

Fall Pictures

NO SCHOOL ~ Teacher Work Day/Staff Dev

Pumpkin Patch, Book Fair

75th Anniversary Celebration

PTO Meeting 5:30pm

Halloween Parties

NO SCHOOL ~ Veteran’s Day Holiday

PTO Meeting 5:30pm

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Holiday

PTO Meeting 5:30pm

Christmas Program & Social 6:30pm

Christmas Parties

Christmas Break/Winter Break

NO SCHOOL ~ Teacher Work Day/Staff Dev

Return to School

NO SCHOOL ~ Martin Luther King Holiday

PTO Meeting 5:30pm

Pre-Registration for PDS families

Valentine Parties

PTO Meeting 5:30pm

NO SCHOOL ~ President’s Day Holiday

Pre-Registration open to the public, Open House 5:30pm

Spring School Pictures

NO SCHOOL ~ Teacher Work Day/Staff Dev

Spring Break

PTO Meeting 5:30pm

PDS Sunday

Scholastic Book Fair, Week of the Young Child

Easter Parties

NO SCHOOL ~ Good Friday

PTO Meeting 5:30pm

PDS School wide Picnic

EOY Parties

Last Day of School/Kinder Graduation & End of the Year Program


*Dates and times may be subject to change

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